In the Garden of Absence
"In the Garden of Absence" wins Prize!
Feeding the Doves
Feeding the Doves
Thames Barrier
Happy Mindful Writing Day!
'blood moon' #28 October 2012
'daily grind' photo haiga #21 October 2012
National Poetry Month 2014 Book Giveaway!

National Poetry Month 2014 Book Giveaway!

My Giveaway: 4 Free Books for National Poetry Month! (Free postage included! Leave a comment to be included in the draw!)   I’m very happy to be participating in this year’s poetry event, which involves sending out poetry books into the hands of people around the world. Organized by Kelli Russell Agodon, of Book of [...]



mirabelle… the tall order of things .               . Tales from the garden

'river crossing'

‘river crossing’

river crossing – for a moment the message is clear               . NaHaiWriMo prompt: Bridge

'red tide'

‘red tide’

red tide the gap between here and there             NaHaiWriMo prompt: Bridge

'snow moon'

‘snow moon’

snow moon – all his toy soldiers in the biscuit tin .           NaHaiWriMo prompt: biscuit . Photo: The Thames flood plains, near Gravesend and Chalk, in Kent.


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