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‘unfurling fronds’ translated into Chinese

unfurling fronds
my digital legacy
in the cloud

Gratitude! Originally included in Robert Epstein’s Beyond The Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku, 2015, this haiku
has been translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu, 劉鎮歐 and included in Butterfly Dream!

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)



‘Seferis’ Houses’

My longer poem Seferis’ Houses, republished in Little Eagle’s RE / VERSE, April 9, 2015. To read the poem, please click here

Little Eagle RE / VERSE






Artwork by Ralph Murre, after a photo by (or of?) Giorgos Seferis

Little Eagle Press presents poems previously published. Well worth another look, we think

Paying homage to Seferis, the poem directly refers to Seferis’ ‘Thrush’, a poem he wrote in 1946. You can read the poem on the Poetry Foundation site.

For information about Giorgos Seferis, see the Wikipedia entry.
You may also want to take a look at this longer, Princeton Uni. entry with photos, or at Edmund Keeley’s interview with Seferis in the Paris Review.

‘on home turf’ and other winter poems

on home turf


on home turf-
feeding watermelon seeds
to the hens


“On Home Turf,” Haiga, in “A Baker’s Dozen,” issue 4, 15 December 2012



a fig is not a fig without your mouth

a pyromaniac’s dream on top of the world

In “Bones: Journal for Contemporary Haiku,” No 1, 15 December 2012

at the bottom of the sea the bottom of the sea
raining stars
how the begging tin
in “Presence” #47, December 2012
past her nails
a truth worth
holding on to


in Notes From The Gean, #14, p. 28, December 2012

shooting star –
a baby slithers out
of the womb

frost bite
the winter bares its teeth
In “A Blackbird Sings: a small stone anthology
edited by Fiona Robyn & Kaspalita Thompson, 2012