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The Writer’s Digest April 2014 Poem a Day Challenge


So that was it! Inter-/National April Poetry Month 2014 is now over and done with! I hope you all had a great month of reading and writing poetry! I did, and I am particularly pleased to have completed the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge. I wrote a poem a day (and more)! Now time to wind down (by writing a poem a day, of course!).

I am also pleased to have taken part in the BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY. This was the fifth year it was organized, but the first one in which I participated.
Four people’s names were taken out of my hat – and here they are:

24: Lissa Clouser won Parallels
14: Margo Roby won In the Garden of Absence
20: Linda won The Haiku Apprentice: Memoirs of Writing Poetry in Japan
13: Jennifer won Feeding the Doves

Congratulations to the winners.
Please email me giving your postal address, and full name at: stella(at)stellapierides(dot)com
and I will be posting the books to you in a few days.

A big thank you to all those who entered the draw.

A happy and productive, poetry-filled new month!

PAD Day #29 prompt: Magical realism

PAD Day #29 prompt: Magical realism

summer reading
the book of sand slips
through my fingers
The Book of Sand, by Jorge Luis Borges, is one of my all time favourite short stories!
This poem was written in honour of Gabriel García Márquez who was both influenced by and extended/added colour to Borges’ magical realist worlds.

Poem-A-Day Challenge

This April I am taking part in the Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day Challenge. Writing one poem each day of the month in addition to my other commitments is going to be tough, but hey, who likes the easy life!

April 1st prompt: beginnings/endings.

Here are my two offerings:
plum blossoms
the beginning of all
how many days
she waits by the window
to the empty street…
waiting for dusk
this unlived life
There are many poetic offerings on the site, and I look forward to reading them and following up on poets. Click here for the link to Day 1.

So, Robert Lee Brewer, bring them on!