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Haiku Euro Top 2013

An honour to be included together with a number of my favourite poets in the Haiku Euro Top 2013 100 most creative poets!

This list is compiled by Krzysztof Kokot of Haiku Euro Top 100.  Thank you so much, Krzysztof .

The list can be viewed by clicking here. Check out the poets in the list for blooming, bubbling, daring, original work! It’s poetry and it’s fun!

Haiku Sequence, Diogen Pro Kultura, Autumn 2013, Third Place (tied)

autumn butterflies
the way she flutters
her eyelashes
across the chirping
of the pine crickets
a splash of red
pine crickets
too late
to let go
autumn butterfly
I never thought
I’d give up
pine crickets
I too hide
in the pine
Diogen Pro Kultura magazin: Third Place (tied) Autumn Haiku Sequence
Selected by: Đurđa Vukelić-Rožić Deputy editor in chief DIOGEN pro culture magazine for HAIKU Ivanić Grad, Croatia Sabahudin Hadžialić Editor in chief DIOGEN pro culture magazine 14.12.2013. Einhorn Verlag S. Begman, Küsnacht, Schweiz 14.12.2013.

‘another country’ a haiku taken from its haibun!

Over at the The Haiku foundation site, there is talk of naked haiku! Haiku, that is, taken away from a haibun, standing out on its own without the prose it was meant to accompany.

I shared one of my own  as a comment on the THF November Per Diem blog post. Here it is:
another country
the snowflakes taste
of salt

(This haiku was originally part of the haibun “Parcels”, published this year in Frogpond, 2013, 36:2)

‘Leonid shower’ Haiga of the Month!

‘Leonid shower’, my haiga, is now Haiga of the Month (November 2013)! Honored, Ramona Linke, thank you!

The haiga can be seen by cliking here

I also reproduce it below:

Please visit Ramona Linke’s blog haiku-art rl, and explore the wondeful work in words and images. Ramona Linke is a writer, poet and haiga master; her work can be seen here


‘environment day’ in WKD

environment day –
green leaves turn
to gold
Written in response to the following news:
Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits
By Rebecca Morelle

“Money might not grow on trees, but scientists have confirmed that gold is found in the leaves of some plants.
Researchers from Australia say that the presence of the particles in a eucalyptus tree’s foliage indicates that deposits are buried many meters below.
They believe that the discovery offers a new way to locate the sought-after metal in difficult-to-reach locations.”

I shared this poem on FB Joys of Japan 24 October 2013
Gabi Greve added it to her World Kigo Database (WKD), an educational reference site for haiku, cultural keywords and kigo, under “worldwide saijiki”,
Environment Day

***** Location: Worldwide
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Observance

‘Human Rights and Wrongs’ in Amnesty’s Livewire blog

Amnesty International’s Livewire blog features the blog post I wrote for Blog Action Day 2013, “Human Rights and Wrongs”. One of their three favourite blogs, it can be seen by clicking here

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.” Read more about Amnesty’s work here

The Living Haiku Anthology

A new, exciting Project in the Haiku world!

The Living Haiku Anthology aims to bring “a multicultural voice of haiku to the general public,” its mission being “to provide numerous and varied haiku, free of charge, to readers from all over the world including schools of education at all levels.” The Anthology team is collecting and documenting many of the finest haiku (and living poets) today. So what an honour and pleasure to be included in it. Please visit and browse the poets and poetry in it. You will find an index of poets here 
And while you are visiting, don’t forget to take a look at my haiku too. They can be found by clicking here

Haiku From German Tongues

Pleased to be featured in Haiku From German Tongues.

The site founders, owners, and admin, Heike Stehr and Ralf Bröker, by presenting haiku in Englsih, aim

“to give at least a certain impression of the particular range covered by haiku from German tongues to a wider international audience.”

They are doing a great job. Visit and see… you’ll be impressed by the range of haiku and the haiku poets writing it.