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Gardening, table tennis, Parkinson’s…and haiku

Starting to prepare the garden and plants for winter. Several plants will be taking refuge in the greenhouse, where a heater will be protecting them from the frost’s cruel bites. Others will be toughening it out in the beds, with only a thick cover of straw.

For the first time, I will be planting garlic. I got the reading done, added a bed just in front of the greenhouse, and in a week or two, I will be planting. In the greenhouse, there will be potatoes growing in pots, salads, and herbs. Oh, the excitement! The excitement!

Having written an article on Parkinson’s and Haiku (Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Haiku), I am playing with the idea of sequels. Such as? Well, Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Gardening; Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Table Tennis; Parkinson’s Toolbox: The Case for Felting! You get my gist. Between planting garlic, practicing serves, writing, and soaping wool there’s no time for apathy. Right? For now, at least…

‘writing on the wall’ haiku in 3 languages!


writing on the wall
the drum beat grows

écriture sur le mur
le rythme du tambour s’accélère
scriere pe perete –
ritmul tobei se accelerează
cu rapiditate

Virginia Popescu posts paintings on her FB page and invites poets to write a haiku on them. I wrote this haiku to go with Rembrandt‘s Balthazar’s Feast, and Virginia translated it into French and Romanian! Thanks, Virginia!

It is also a response to the NaHaiWriMo prompt: drums