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‘blue moon’ haiku in 3 languages

blue moon

why am I reminded

of Mount Fuji?


in French:


lune bleue –

pourquoi me rappelle-t-elle

le mont Fuji ?


and in Romanian :


lună albastră

de ce îmi aminteşte

de Muntele Fuji ?


I wrote this haiku as a response to the painting  by André Derain: Mountains at Collioure, 1905, posted on FB by  Virginia Popescu (see here).

Virginia very kindly, and enthusiastically, translated my haiku into French and Romanian! Once again, thank you, Virginia! I like this idea!

You can see Virginia Popescu and other poets’ responses to paintings, and indeed contribute to her project yourself, on her FB page here

‘writing on the wall’ haiku in 3 languages!


writing on the wall
the drum beat grows

écriture sur le mur
le rythme du tambour s’accélère
scriere pe perete –
ritmul tobei se accelerează
cu rapiditate

Virginia Popescu posts paintings on her FB page and invites poets to write a haiku on them. I wrote this haiku to go with Rembrandt‘s Balthazar’s Feast, and Virginia translated it into French and Romanian! Thanks, Virginia!

It is also a response to the NaHaiWriMo prompt: drums