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‘environment day’ in WKD

environment day –
green leaves turn
to gold
Written in response to the following news:
Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits
By Rebecca Morelle

“Money might not grow on trees, but scientists have confirmed that gold is found in the leaves of some plants.
Researchers from Australia say that the presence of the particles in a eucalyptus tree’s foliage indicates that deposits are buried many meters below.
They believe that the discovery offers a new way to locate the sought-after metal in difficult-to-reach locations.”

I shared this poem on FB Joys of Japan 24 October 2013
Gabi Greve added it to her World Kigo Database (WKD), an educational reference site for haiku, cultural keywords and kigo, under “worldwide saijiki”,
Environment Day

***** Location: Worldwide
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Observance