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Haiku Sequence, Diogen Pro Kultura, Autumn 2013, Third Place (tied)

autumn butterflies
the way she flutters
her eyelashes
across the chirping
of the pine crickets
a splash of red
pine crickets
too late
to let go
autumn butterfly
I never thought
I’d give up
pine crickets
I too hide
in the pine
Diogen Pro Kultura magazin: Third Place (tied) Autumn Haiku Sequence
Selected by: Đurđa Vukelić-Rožić Deputy editor in chief DIOGEN pro culture magazine for HAIKU Ivanić Grad, Croatia Sabahudin Hadžialić Editor in chief DIOGEN pro culture magazine 14.12.2013. Einhorn Verlag S. Begman, Küsnacht, Schweiz 14.12.2013.