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‘the woman in blue’ #5 October 2012

Woman in Blue

reading his last letter –

burning red leaves


NaHaiWriMo prompt: haiku about a painting

83/100 Days of Summer

Small stone


Found Haiku: The title of Vermeer’s painting is “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter.”


One of my all time favorites. The stillness and silence in this picture, the allusion to pregnancy, waiting time, the letter/news almost associate to an annunciation.

Yet, it is likely that there is disappointment. The map associates to far away places. Where is he writing from? Perhaps he is not coming back… the autumn of the relationship in the haiku… will she burn the letter too? Where are all the feelings… .

Whatever you make of it, the stillness and containment in this painting keep bringing me back to it.



‘blue moon’ haiku in 3 languages

blue moon

why am I reminded

of Mount Fuji?


in French:


lune bleue –

pourquoi me rappelle-t-elle

le mont Fuji ?


and in Romanian :


lună albastră

de ce îmi aminteşte

de Muntele Fuji ?


I wrote this haiku as a response to the painting  by André Derain: Mountains at Collioure, 1905, posted on FB by  Virginia Popescu (see here).

Virginia very kindly, and enthusiastically, translated my haiku into French and Romanian! Once again, thank you, Virginia! I like this idea!

You can see Virginia Popescu and other poets’ responses to paintings, and indeed contribute to her project yourself, on her FB page here