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‘Reporting back’

Reporting back

In case you’ve noticed my absence from my blog, I’ve been working on a book of haibun stories and I am thrilled to report that I am near completing the first draft. Like my previous fiction books, this one is spun around the three poles of self, society, and politics. The emphasis though is different. More about this later. Unusually, for me, the title for this one has been elusive. In the past, I used to have the title before I wrote the book. Not so with this book.
I may be asking for your help to pick a title, though how this could be done without prior knowledge of the book is a good question.
And another thing! A translation into German of my book of short stories and haibun titled ‘Feeding the Doves’ (Fruit Dove Press, 2013) is being readied for printing as we speak. So that you know, dear reader, I haven’t been skiving!

in tune
echoes from the island belfry
reach the mainland

Feeding the Doves: First Goodreads reviews!

Good news first: Three reviews of my “Feeding the Doves” are now up on Goodreads! They can be viewed by clicking and scrolling down here (though you need to sign in to see them all).  A big thank you to the readers who took the time to read and comment.

Pigeons on the bridgesmall









The bad news? I tried configuring the Goodreads Reviews button for my website and failed! The button would show the latest reviews as they appear on the right of this page. Instead, in that space, I only managed to include the Goodreads URL!

NeverEnding Story

Chen-ou Liu (劉鎮歐), Chinese-Canadian poet, essayist, editor, translator, with numerous awards up his poetic sleeve, has started a new web-based project titled NeverEnding Story, a First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog,  in which he aims, in his words,

“to fulfill my butterfly dream portrayed in the haibun, entitled “To Liv(e),” which was published in Frogpond, 34:3, Fall 2011. I hope it can bring the beauty of English language Japanese short form poetry to Chinese readers around the world”

His dream is  to put NeverEnding Story on the literary map of “Cultural China,” the one “that has been promoted by Tu Weiming (杜維明), Research Professor and Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University, who authored “Cultural China: The Periphery as the Center,” Daedalus, Vol. 134, No. 4,  Fall, 2005, pp. 145-167.”

Chen-ou has already collected a good number of poems and it seems to me he is well on his way to turning his dream into reality.

I am really honored to be included in this project, and for my poem to be translated into Chinese. It can be read in its English and Chinese forms here

Do visit NeverEnding Story, and if you are a haiku or tanka poet, do submit. There is an anthology on the cards, and essays, lit crit and more wonderful stuff on offer.

Dance the Guns to Silence

Stella’s poem History is on His Side included in Dance the Guns to Silence: 100 Poems Inspired by Ken Saro-Wiwa. Edited by: Nii Ayikwei Parkes & Kadija George. Published by Flipped Eye Publishing, African Writers Abroad and SableLitMag, the Anthology commemorates the tenth anniversary of the writer’s execution and celebrates his life. More information about Ken Saro Wiwa and his work on http://www.remembersarowiwa.com/poetry.htm