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“Ammersee Symposium” in honor of VSSA (IV)

Last weekend, VSSA IV, the fourth international quadrennial symposium on Visual Search and Selective Attention, took place in the Bavarian School of Public administration, Holzhausen, nr. Utting, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ammersee. I wrote a haiku sequence in honor of the symposium using themes and terms from the talks and social life of the meeting. I understand this haiku sequence was briefly projected on screen before the concluding session of the symposium.Ammersee Symposium haiku

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Pottery Market 38/100 #100daysnewthings

AmmerseeThis year too the Pottery Market in Diessen am Ammersee was held during Ascension weekend.

Diessener Keramikpreis 2018
Monika Debus, Keramikpreis 2018

This Pottery Market is said to be one of Europe’s largest ceramics festivals! Each year over 160 potters from all over Europe meet in the Upper Bavarian town of Diessen on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ammersee. This year 170 potters from 16 countries participated.

Keramikmarkt, Diessen, Ammersee, The Diessener Ceramic Prize is internationally known and appreciated. This year, Monika Debus from Höhr-Grenzhausen, was awarded the ‘Diessener Keramikpreis 2018’ for her work on the theme of contrasts.

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My Most Beautiful Thing

Schmutter Marsh

In November last year, I moved to a place near the river Schmutter, in the Greater Augsburg area. Some of you may remember my posts, and pictures, on ‘Leaving Ammersee’ from last year. Given the spectacular Ammersee lake and those sunsets – those sunsets! – it was difficult to imagine then how I would take to my new surroundings. Indeed, it has taken time for me to settle – still many unpacked boxes in the cellar! – but at least I have started going out for walks in the vicinity.

Almost next door, there are the Schmutter meadows: a nature reserve marshland by the river Schmutter (a tributary to the Danube), which is flooded several times each year. The soil is enriched by the flooding, and meadows become home to numerous rare plants, birds, and other animals.

And here, in the local marshland, its grassy paths, sludgy mud, numerous water channels, sluices, and flooded pools, the river itself twisting and turning, I have found beauty, again! This is a beauty I can neither own nor grasp in one go, i.e., in one picture, in one season, or one year. It is a beauty that develops, changes; a fragile, weather-beaten, marshland eco-system that I can only experience piecemeal on my walks through it.

If you have the time, take a look at this picture and haiku, imagine walking by the Schmutter. I will be posting more pictures from this area and writing haiku responding to my walks in the future. Am I trying to make this area ‘mine?’ Perhaps I am! You can come along for the experience.

Better still, choose an area near your own home, observe it, write about or take pictures of it, and turn it into your ‘most beautiful thing.’

This post is written in response to Fiona Robyn’s call for writers to write (and blog) about what they consider to be their most beautiful thing: a ‘blogsplash’ . In the context of her launching her new novel ‘The Most beautiful Thing,’ Fiona is making the novel available for free on the 24th and 25th of April 2012. Visit her blog for details here

Haiga #2 September 2011

Having lived by the lake Ammersee for ten years, we are now moving further inland. These photos with haiku/haiku within a photo (haiga) are our way of capturing our last autumn walks by the lake.

(I will be posting them on Flickr too, set: ‘leaving Ammersee.’)

Inspiration also through NaHaiWriMo extension prompt: weekend.

Taking part in Rick Daddario’s 19 Planets September Challenge: A Haiga a day, or every few days …





  1. Delighted to have three of my haiku included in Melissa Allen’s mushroom collection, on her site Red Dragonfly. Hers is a wonderful post with photographs, drawings, haiga and of course, lots of great poetry. Here is the address


  1. The Language/Place collection, issue #8 is out. Put together by Walter Bjorkman it  is a delight to read. Contributions from around the world!  My post Haiku from Lake Ammersee is included along with photographs, poetry, all different kinds of meditation on the spirit and the poetry of place. Visit and see! wbjorkman.wordpress.com