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Pottery Market 38/100 #100daysnewthings

AmmerseeThis year too the Pottery Market in Diessen am Ammersee was held during Ascension weekend.

Diessener Keramikpreis 2018
Monika Debus, Keramikpreis 2018

This Pottery Market is said to be one of Europe’s largest ceramics festivals! Each year over 160 potters from all over Europe meet in the Upper Bavarian town of Diessen on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ammersee. This year 170 potters from 16 countries participated.

Keramikmarkt, Diessen, Ammersee, The Diessener Ceramic Prize is internationally known and appreciated. This year, Monika Debus from Höhr-Grenzhausen, was awarded the ‘Diessener Keramikpreis 2018’ for her work on the theme of contrasts.

38/100 #The100DayProject #100daysnewthings  



Keramikmarkt, Diessen am Ammersee. Boats come and go, people, seasons…
The pithoi too, all the way from Crete, every year. Only this time, the tireless Nikos Kavgalakis didn’t turn up to build his pots right on the promenade. He had to keep the appointment with his own maker. Rest in peace, Nikos.

Luckily, Nikos’ grandson, Giorgos, is continuing the tradition.

Here is a video of the Diessener Keramikmarkt I came across on YouTube (by Joachim Stracke)  from 2013. It includes a few shots of Nikos building his pitharia.

Keramikmarkt Diessen am Ammersee