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‘Loving’ in KYSO Flash

In her long life she owned six cats, each living at least ten years. As a child, she was afraid of her first cat, a street-wise tabby. Then she loved chasing her around the house, transferring her fear to the cat. As a teen, she helped a boyfriend taunt the poor thing. She ignored, tripped over, kicked, or spoiled subsequent cats, depending on her phase of life and her mood. Now resting in her recliner, she caresses and speaks to her latest, and only, companion, an ageing, placid ginger, with a gentleness she hasn’t known before.

pear blossom
the lifelong practice of
learning to love


KYSO Flash 3, May 2015

‘eating rhubard’ in Haiku News

My haiku in the Haiku News, Vol. 1 No.43 (8 November 2012)

“Haiku News is a weekly poetry journal which publishes socially engaged haiku, senryu, tanka and kyoka, pairing each poem with a news article to forge links between the poetic, the personal and the political.”

I paired the following article from The Independent newspaper “Teen spirit: What’s it really like to be a teenager?
with the follwoing haiku:

eating rhubarb
faster than it grows
young love