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Chrysanthemum, October 2012

Chrysanthemum, the Internet Magazine for Modern Verse Forms in the Tradition
of Japanese Short Poetry, issue 12, 2012 is out. I am delighted to have three
of my haiku in this issue, translated into German. They can be found on page 21.
The Magazine can be downloaded from here

Pleiades —                             Plejaden —

a hunter lowers                   ein Jäger senkt

his gun                                    sein Gewehr


Translation: Chrysanthemum Editorial team.

haiku in Bregengemme/Chrysanthemum


jasmine rice                                                                   Jasminreis
the tongue twists into a new                                   Zungenbrecher in einer neuen
language                                                                        Sprache


In Bregengemme / Chrysanthemum Vol. 11.1, 2011

(With many thanks to the editors for the translation into German)