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Haibun Triptych in Blue Fifth Review: The Blue Collection 9

Grateful thanks to Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake for publishing my Haibun Triptych in the special issue “The blue collection 9: Home” of the phenomenal Blue Fifth Review!
Photo magic “Boat” by Maria Pierides accompanies the triptych.
Check it out:
Blue Fifth Review … the blue collection: 9: home (Winter 2018 / 18.10)

Boat,Haibun Triptych "Home"

‘soul boat’ and other recent ku

A few more haiku from recent contests/publications:


soul boat —

waves of silence

in gold leaf


Marisova Memorial kukai 2012



shine of a melon seed

your words

A Hundred Gourds, 1:4, Sept 2012,  p7




nest building –

on the other side of the fence

a deeper blue


2nd Haiku My Photo Challenge

blossomrain.blogspot.com, Chrissi Villa