April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

How to live well with Parkinson’s Disease? What helps me: Haiku for #Parkinsons and #tabletennis!

I have haiku in my Parkinson’s toolbox! Poetry, exercise grounding the senses, living in the moment. And I am sharpening my table tennis skills, as it has been found to help with the disease.

For all things haiku, including advice for absolute beginners, check out The Haiku Foundation https://thehaikufoundation.org/

For haiku for Parkinson’s see Parkinson’s Life, the magazine of Parkinson’s Europe, https://parkinsonslife.eu/the-aim-of-the-haiku-poet-is-to-capture-the-essence-of-a-moment/

More information about table tennis for Parkinson’s on Facebook and  website https://www.pingpongparkinson.de/

Live well and prosper! Or as I am increasingly learning, “bleib’ am Ball”!

Parkinson's Awareness Month

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