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‘internet of things’

Bringing technology to life,” the scientists of today create a mechanical, Frankestein-like world, where, everything that can take a “mobile-connected chip” becomes “alive”, and part of the internet of things! Actions, reactions, and interactions in this world are automated and devoid of meaning.
internet of things
my toothbrush orders
its own replacement


‘Things with Wings and Other Poems’ 26 June 2012

Things with Wings & Other Poems” is now up as a PDF on Yay Words.

“Things…”  is a collection of doodleku  derived from a month-long challenge, initiated by Aubrie Cox on her blog Yay Words!

Throughout March 2012, poets were invited to participate in a challenge called “I Doodle, You ’Ku.” A doodle was posted each day and poets wrote poems in response to it.

I didn’t catch on until mid-month, but then what fun it was! Aubrie had the difficult task of choosing one/more haiku per day to go with her doodle. I don’t know how she did it, but the resulting collection is amazing! Truly splendid! Visit and see!