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‘winter wind’ on Per Diem: Daily Haiku!

Delighted to see my poem “winter wind” featured in today’s (5th November 2014) THF ‎Per Diem: Daily Haiku.

In case you missed it, after all it is only displayed for a day, here it is:

winter wind
feathers and fishbones shift
inside the eyrie

This poem was a runner-up in the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition 2012 and first appeared in The Haiku Calendar 2013 (Snapshot Press, 2012).

A big thank you to the month’s editor, Sonam Chhoki, for including it in her collection “Writing the Difficult Thing.” Sonam Chhoki’s collection runs all through November, with lots of poems about difficult things to write… Each day, a new poem here. Enjoy!

On the Road

The new THF Per Diem collection, Songs of the Open Road, is up and running over at the Haiku Foundation site. Guest-edited by Tom Painting, it takes us on 31 exciting, meditative, and always inspirational journeys. Highways and motorways, straight paths and winding lanes are there for us to explore all through July. In his introduction to the collection, Tom Painting quotes from Walt Whitman’s poem, Song of the Open Road:

“ Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me…”

I very much look forward to these journeys. Join me on board the THF Per Diem for the ride. Each day a new haiku here


The THF goes to work: Worker’s Haiku

After all this buzzing with insect haiku in January, February 2013 is a quiet, reflective month.

This month’s guest editor, Matthew Paul’s selection is on the ever-present figure of the worker in haiku. Dentist, doctor, driver, gravedigger, barber, policeman, the solitary worker seen at work, engaged or not, lively or bored, cuts an impressive figure.

Visit the The Haiku Foundation site and see the workers at work. Every day, one haiku/senryu will appear in the Per Diem: Daily Haiku panel, at the right-hand corner, lower down the home page. Let the workers speak to you:


January 2013: A buzzing Per Diem month

This month, the The Haiku Foundation Per Diem goes entomological! Insects, bugs, arachnids… Cherie Hunter Day’s collection for the January 2013 Per Diem: Daily Haiku is full of buzz!

She says: “This Per Diem is a chance to rediscover: click of a deathwatch beetle, the taste of hive in the honey, and the architecture of a just spun web. We again visit with water striders, praying mantises, dragonflies, crickets, and maybe even a lowly flea.”

I look forward to the splendid haiku, especially since they bring back to me the insect life of my childhood.

The daily Per Diem poems (one a day, every day), can be found here

Happy New Year!

‘The Five Elements’ on THF Per Diem

A new collection of poems starts today on The Haiku Foundation homepage. Kala Ramesh is the Per Diem: Daily Haiku editor for September 2012. She offers the following by way of an introduction to the collection:

“The Five Elements

The Hindus and the Buddhists believe that all Creation— including human beings— is composed of five essential elements. When death occurs, everything is transposed into these elements of nature, thus balancing the cycle of evolution.

The elements and their associated sense perceptions are:

Ether – Akasha – space / sound

Wind – Vayu – sound & touch

Fire – Agni – sound, touch & form

Water – Jalam – sound, touch, form & flavour

Earth – Prithvi – sound, touch, form, flavour & smell

This classification is woven into the fabric of our day-to-day activities, and widely used in all our art forms, including poetry, literature, dance, music and painting. The haiku poems showcased here might not appear in the order I had originally arranged them, but you could use your ingenuity and guesswork to ‘sense’ how many of these elements are present in the haiku, when you read them.”

I am looking forward to this daily treat for the whole month, and beyond… If you enjoy haiku, you’ll love this.

For a new poem each day on the Foundation homepage (lower right-hand corner) click here

You can also follow THF Per Diem on Twitter, @haikufound, for a daily Per Diem-related tweet, in addition to Foundation news and announcements.