Book Cover 3 61/100 #100daysnewthings

I accepted the challenge from Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy to post covers of 7 books that I have read! No explanation, no reviews, just the covers (just my own photo arrangement!). This is book cover for day 3 of the challenge.

after image,book cover,haiku,

Each time I post a cover I’m expected to ask 3 of my friends to take up the challenge as well. I know that this is a difficult request, as not every friend likes challenges, and even those who do, find it difficult to finish all challenges…so to make it easier for everyone, I’m suggesting here if a friend likes the idea to take it up, and tag me, so that I follow their book covers…

This photo is also 61/100 #The100DayProject #100daysnewthings