Per Diem Haiku on the theme of Hands

This October, continuing the The Haiku Foundation Per Diem: Daily Haiku series, Ruth Yarrow packs a punch with a collection to delight the heart.

Ruth’s wonderfully touching, and humorous collection is “Hands-On.”  Hands? Yes, hands. This is what she offers by way of an introduction:

“We are a species heavily dependent on our eyes, especially for connection with others and world around us.  But our hands also connect, and that connection often reaches the heart.  Right now my beloved mother-in-law, who doesn’t see well, is dying, and when you approach her, she reaches out her thin hand to connect.  These haiku about hands touch emotion.  They range from humor, as in Randy Brooks’ hand in the cookie jar, to sadness, as in Cherie Hunter Day feeling the weight and warmth of her dying dog’s collar. They include fear, as in John Stevenson’s shiver at a warm hand before diagnosis, sex, as in Sari Grandstaff’s total attention to the hand on her thigh, and even exasperation or anger, as in Kenneth Elba Carrier’s deaf man grabbing at the other’s hands.”

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