4 thoughts on “‘pine crickets’ #18 September 2012”

  1. aloha Stella – wait. you have wings? or is the itch on the tip of your fingers? i like where this ku is going.

    i had to look up “pine crickets” and i like that a lot.

    i also like the image. i keep wanting to get back to doing more digital collage work with ku – haiga. i seem to have drifted a way from it. your image is appealing to me and makes me want to get back to it more.

    i like the torn paper you use to place your haiku too. that works well (imo) and it’s easy to read. cool on that. and fun on the symbols you’re using to add movement and direction in the image too.

    i like this haiga because to me it pushes the edges of what people are doing with haiga. that is fun. and the more i look at the image the more i see – i like that too. way cool. aloha.


    1. Aloha, Rick! I am surprised you didn’t realize I have wings! I do, imaginary ones!
      I am seriously happy you like my haiga. I do the digital collage thing for now, but hope to get into installation work when I can in future.
      I am a fan of your work, and grateful to you for the encouragement your comments and your organizing of the annual haiga challenge provide…


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