LanguagePlace Blog Carnival

LanguagePlace Blog Carnival: Call for submissions to edition #14 on the theme of The Senses in LanguagePlace. If you have written a short story, a flash, a poem, a non-fiction piece involving any one of the five senses – or indeed any of the twenty one senses we humans are supposed to possess – this is the time to send in your link(s): see here

You haven’t written such a piece? Looking for inspiration? Visit The Haiku Foundation Home page for the Per Diem: Daily Haiku ; the NaHaiwriMo facebook page; they are sure to tingle your writing!


2 thoughts on “LanguagePlace Blog Carnival”

  1. aha . . thanks for reminding me how the carnival works Stella – I was under the impression that something new had to be written for the carnival when in fact it’s quite the opposite!! (I blame my faulty memory for this and too much internet browsing, ahem!)



    1. Hi Dora, Great that you are thinking of joining this edition #14! I look forward to your entry.


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