Haiga 22 September 2011





setting sun –
I too let go of

Thinking about this haiku, hm, it seems better without the ‘my’. I’ve made the change in the haiku, but not in the haiga.

photo: Hermann Mueller; haiku: Stella Pierides.

NaHaiWriMo extension 2011 prompt: sunset

Taking part in Rick Daddario’s 19 Planets September challenge (almost there!)

One thought on “Haiga 22 September 2011”

  1. beautiful photo. aloha Stella – i agree with you – dropping the “my” makes a lot of sense – it’s just not needed.

    …that said… i too often discover after posting some tweak i think would make the work better. i have a slight conflict going in that – with myself i mean:

    on one side i like the spontaneous splat of what i’m doing. over working it often dulls the edges.

    …on the other side of it…. sometimes a little time and perspective would help me see the work with a fresh eye.

    and on the third side… if i wait to post something, i often begin to feel like it’s not… quite there and then i dont post it because i’ve gone on to something else i’m more excited about…

    so i’ve decided to try to catch things, but still post as they come out (mostly). i’m okay with me being human and not quite perfect… other than as a human being of course.

    fun to see your comment and thinking. thank you. aloha.


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