This Wednesday, 15th of January 2014, a special event is taking place: a global gathering round a virtual table, where Greek meals are being served. Everyone is invited, and I will be going! I will be joining with family, sharing dishes, recipes and hopefully, photographs.

I’ll be tweeting from @stellapierides under #GreekDinner and #EatGreek. Did you see my recipe tweet for Soutzoukakia Smyrneika? I found it in the New York Times recipe section, but I knew it, with minor modifications, from my yiayia, grandmother, who came from Asia Minor. Very nice! Follow me on Twitter for more.

According to Keri Douglas of 9 muses news  “The goal is to celebrate… and honor your Greek heritage, culture and connection to Greece.” Is there a more fitting way to celebrate our Greek connection(s) than gather around the table for a long, long meal, talk of Greece and laughter?

Why not join me in having something Greek on the day? #EatGreek and prosper!