‘between’ #15 September 2012


between saltmarsh and sky only matchstick man





NaHaiWriMo prompt: water

65/100 Days of summer

2nd annual 30 Days of Haiga

Photo taken 14/09/12, morning walk collecting haiku. Blakeney salt marshes and coast path.

For information about the area, see National Trust and here

2 thoughts on “‘between’ #15 September 2012”

  1. aloha Stella – this is a beautiful haiga. i like the surprise of “matchstick man” at the end. that adds so many layers to the meaning of the haiga. very cool.

    just wondering – what are your thoughts about seeing the words easily?

    i find myself wonder what i might do to keep that placement in the ku (which i like) as well as size/color/and font – and yet make it easier to read. i like being able to read the words easily in the image so that i can take the ku in with the image rather than focusing on exactly what does that ku say at the expense of ignoring the image. i hope that makes sense.

    one of my solutions when i want to place my words in an area that makes it a challenge to read has been to feather around the letters with a little darkness – that makes the ku stand out clearer i’ve found. it’s not the only way i’m sure. and i dont even always get that right. – and sometimes i know, if the haiga is intended to be seen at full size as a print – sometimes what appears to be difficult to read on the net is actually easy to read as a print. so all of this may of course not apply. just wondering.

    thank you for linking up. aloha.


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