‘Procrustean bed’ #13a September 2012

Procrustean bed?

counting the number

of syllables

NaHaiWriMo prompt: Mythology

A second haiga inspired by the prompt and the fabric baobab tree on the Southbank.

63/100 Days of Summer

2nd annual 30 Days of Haiga

Free Haiga


5 thoughts on “‘Procrustean bed’ #13a September 2012”

  1. bwahahaha – aloha Stella – “Procrustean bed” – must be related to a 5-7-5 count. wait. there are only 14 syllables here. ah. that explains the question mark. fun and funny. Procrustean haiku indeed. maybe it’s a good thing we dont know how many stars there are and we can just count them for as long as we like. fun on. aloha..


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