2 thoughts on “‘crushing waves’ #2 September 2012”

  1. aloha Stella – interesting. as i kept reading the ku i suddenly realized that this has a one way and then the other way direction to it.

    one way is that the waves being strong (crushing) sway the bridge. yet it can also be read that the bridge is the stronger and as it sways it is doing the crushing to the waves.

    just so you know i am going to try to jump ahead by posting two posts in one day (soon). that way it will be easier to post your link on the day you post the haiga (i hope). i’m so far around the planet that by the time i get to midnight and into the new day, other places are about to go into the day beyond the one i’m going into… sheesh. ha. i’m hoping if i get ahead by one day it will make things easier when i get the Mister Linky thing figured out. which of course may or may not happen. ha. thanks for continuing to participate while i muddle through some of this. i am having fun, i’d like it to be a little smoother for others tho.

    we’ll see what happens – fun on regardless of what ever does happen and thanks for participating. aloha.


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