“Spring Poetry Rain” event on the 26th of May 2012

307 poets from all over the world are taking part this coming Saturday, 26 May 2012, at 18.00 Cyprus time, in the “Spring Poetry Rain” event in Nicosia, Cyprus.

All along Ledra and Araşta streets in Nicosia, the last divided city in Europe, poets from 55 countries, will participate through their poems in an event supporting “Individuality, Respect, Tolerance, Acceptance, Human Rights, Living Together, Sharing the same Life, Sharing the same Space,” under the motto:

Different Nationalities – Many Ethnicities – One people – One Europe – One World – Same Future~”

The organizers of the event, coming from both sides of the dividing line of Cyprus, say:

“Large Balloons filled with poems and flying all along the Ledra and  Araşta streets, will create ‘a  chain of connection’, without the dividing line.  The balloons will be burst at intervals releasing the poems which will fall, just like the rain!

The poems will be printed in hundreds of copies. Platforms will be placed all along the two streets, from which music groups will perform and poems will be read by poets, actors and of course by the public, which will be collecting them.”

I am particularly proud to be taking part in this event, and hope that it will provide a good opportunity to focus on the need for the peaceful coexistence of all people on the island.

More details about the event here:


You will be able to follow the event online by accessing these websites



Ideogramma (www.ideogramma-cy.org)

Sidestreets (www.sidestreets.org)

Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο Γραφείο στην Κύπρο  (www.europarl.cy)

Participating Poets here: http://www.ideogramma-cy.com/event_9_poets.html

This is what the Goethe Institute in Nicosia (associate partner to the event) had to say about it: http://www.goethe.de/ins/cy/nic/ver/en9232159v.htm