Haiku from Lake Ammersee













where the heavens look

in the mirror


reflecting the skies

lake Ammersee forgets




looking in the mirror

the clouds long for home



the clouds lose their




golden light anoints

the world


I wrote this haiku responding to two prompts: the NaHaiWriMo extension prompt, “ mirror,” set by Susan Delphine Delaney; and the call for submissions by Walter Bjorkman. Susan is setting the prompts for July for the wonderful  facebook community of haiku poets, NaHaiWriMo. Walter is hosting the blog carnival Language/Place, on the theme of “Poetry of Place.” Submissions of links to Walter on this theme are open till the 20th of July.

The photograph of the lake Ammersee was taken one evening this summer.


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    1. Laurie, thank you! I am thrilled you like this image, it was a lovely walk and the image was just there for the taking!


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