Haiku Heaven

My haiku made it to the top five in the Iron Horse Literary Review haiku competition! I am delighted, especially since I wrote this haiku prompted by the name of the Journal and in response to their asking for haiku with either the word iron or horse.

I am particularly pleased because the competition caught me in the middle of writing my second novel, When the Colours Sing, set around the Blue Rider movement – it fitted so well. 

The five winners: Marty Smith, Lauren Tamraz, Sarah Spencer Pokla, Benjamin Vogt, and Stella Pierides.

The IHLR is a review of poetry and literary non-fiction published six times per year by Texas Tech University. I am going to follow them and read what they are getting up to from now on!

You can find the results of the competition together with my poem here

2 thoughts on “Haiku Heaven”

  1. I very much like the ‘dynamic’ imagery in this Haiku (unusual for a Haiku?) — with the reference to the Blue Rider movement. If I recall correctly, the horse and rider on the cover of the Almanac were blue, and Franz Marc was killed in action in WW1 riding a horse.


    1. Thank you! Indeed, the Franz Marc connection is spot on; so is the Blue Rider Almanac horse. The “war to stop all wars” irony is also in this: the merry go round/carousel image and the peculiar grammatical construction!


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