Oct 102013

Good news first: Three reviews of my “Feeding the Doves” are now up on Goodreads! They can be viewed by clicking and scrolling down here (though you need to sign in to see them all).  A big thank you to the readers who took the time to read and comment.

Pigeons on the bridgesmall









The bad news? I tried configuring the Goodreads Reviews button for my website and failed! The button would show the latest reviews as they appear on the right of this page. Instead, in that space, I only managed to include the Goodreads URL!

Jan 152013

Chen-ou Liu (劉鎮歐), Chinese-Canadian poet, essayist, editor, translator, with numerous awards up his poetic sleeve, has started a new web-based project titled NeverEnding Story, a First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog,  in which he aims, in his words,

“to fulfill my butterfly dream portrayed in the haibun, entitled “To Liv(e),” which was published in Frogpond, 34:3, Fall 2011. I hope it can bring the beauty of English language Japanese short form poetry to Chinese readers around the world”

His dream is  to put NeverEnding Story on the literary map of “Cultural China,” the one “that has been promoted by Tu Weiming (杜維明), Research Professor and Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University, who authored “Cultural China: The Periphery as the Center,” Daedalus, Vol. 134, No. 4,  Fall, 2005, pp. 145-167.”

Chen-ou has already collected a good number of poems and it seems to me he is well on his way to turning his dream into reality.

I am really honored to be included in this project, and for my poem to be translated into Chinese. It can be read in its English and Chinese forms here

Do visit NeverEnding Story, and if you are a haiku or tanka poet, do submit. There is an anthology on the cards, and essays, lit crit and more wonderful stuff on offer.

Sep 272012

I am very happy to have my work included in Diogen Haiku 2012, Diogen pro culture magazine. Six haiku in all, all in English and also translated into Serbian!

A very special thank you to Đurđa Vukelić Rožić, the editor of this haiku section of the magazine.


The direct link is here

The link to the issue is here (please scroll down)

Sep 252012
remaining heat below the stairs stars


instead of sewing—

remaining heat


singular beauty of chameleons remaining heat


9th, 10th, and 11th places, tied, in the 6th International Kukai



Aug 092012

“Mexicans Pay in Blood for America’s War on Drugs”


tasting metal

the cup fills with news

of war


This haiku, linked with the article above,  now appears in Haiku News: the personal is the political is the poetical


(Vol. 1, No. 30)


May 132012


Today, an old poem from 2011:

spilling its seeds
a broken pomegranate
bleeds for luck
First appeared in Unfold magazine, 2011

(NaHaiWriMo prompt: broken)

And the great news:

My poet page is up on The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Registry site. It can be seen by clicking here

Many thanks to Billie Wilson for creating it and putting it up.

Nov 012011


full moon tea

my book of beasts

lies open


tea leaves —

a fate worse than




drinking tea they forget

the World tree


Three haiku included in Aubrie Cox’s collection Tree with Trolls, in her blog Yay Words. Twenty seven poets saying, in their own unique way, Happy Halloween! And thank you Aubrie!

Mar 292007

Stella’s poems Seferis’ Houses, What Was Left of Her and The Beach at Blakeney Point are included in Gathering Diamonds from the Well, the fourth ‘Word for WordAnthology.

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