Nov 042013


pending your answer the moon’s glare

(p. 8)
Plato’s cave each day a new shadow

(p. 49)
in Bones, journal for contemporary haiku, No. 2, 15 June 2013

Oct 252012

harvest moon
the poet’s tea
getting cold


lune des moissons
le thé du poète
NaHaiWriMo prompt: poet
Transl. Vincent Hoarau  - thank you, Vincent!
Vincent’s blog, La Calebasse,  in French, with several poems in English, can be read  here

Sep 282012

all this dust on my shoes moon walking
earth rising
we bow our heads
in awe


NaHaiWriMo prompt: walking on the moon

74/100 and 75/100 Days of Summer

Jul 012012

day moon

when the veil



Shiki kukai, June 2012,  Free Format


awakening —

the ice cream seller’s

deep voice


Shiki Kukai, June 2012, kigo

These two haiku were my entries to the Shiki Kukai.


May 172012

blue moon

why am I reminded

of Mount Fuji?


in French:


lune bleue –

pourquoi me rappelle-t-elle

le mont Fuji ?


and in Romanian :


lună albastră

de ce îmi aminteşte

de Muntele Fuji ?


I wrote this haiku as a response to the painting  by André Derain: Mountains at Collioure, 1905, posted on FB by  Virginia Popescu (see here).

Virginia very kindly, and enthusiastically, translated my haiku into French and Romanian! Once again, thank you, Virginia! I like this idea!

You can see Virginia Popescu and other poets’ responses to paintings, and indeed contribute to her project yourself, on her FB page here

Mar 082012


your gentle glow
outshines this solar storm -
full moon


NaHaiWriMo prompt: moon