Apr 142014

PAD #14 prompt: If I were
if I were you
I’d leave all this behind…
blossom rain
If I were a bird
I’d be a dove drinking
from your lips
the nectar
of words

Apr 062014

PAD #6 Prompt: Night
spring moon
a marble angel without
between the dates
of her birth and death
a dash…
I wonder who knows
the full story

Apr 052014

Prompt #5: Discovery
dawn chorus
the sound of car engines


into the bread maker
then pressing start –
a recipe for life’s
little pleasures

This is how Day #5 is playing

Apr 042014

Prompt: since (childhood)
since childhood
the taste of cherries
and you
Prompt: since (yesterday)
since yesterday
a melody makes the rounds
in my head…
the trail of smoke floats
then dissipates
You can read all the entries here

Apr 032014

PAD Day #3 Prompt: message
nets of mist…
an unopened letter
carried downstream


if you find this bottle
hold it close to your heart
drink from its words –
a gentle breeze will fill your sails
will lift the stone off your heart

Apr 022014

wild roses…
all the languages crossing
the Aegean


she turns into books
stories granny planted
in her ear…
caique journeys crisscross
the lines on her pages


PAD prompt: voyage

Apr 012014

This April I am taking part in the Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day Challenge. Writing one poem each day of the month in addition to my other commitments is going to be tough, but hey, who likes the easy life!

April 1st prompt: beginnings/endings.

Here are my two offerings:
plum blossoms
the beginning of all
how many days
she waits by the window
to the empty street…
waiting for dusk
this unlived life
There are many poetic offerings on the site, and I look forward to reading them and following up on poets. Click here for the link to Day 1.

So, Robert Lee Brewer, bring them on!

Mar 312014

getting into scrapes cat in love
Philippine Haiku Daily Prompt: scrape
curtain call
a rose lands
on her hair
NaHaiWriMo prompt: curtain call